Contributing to

Contributing to


We’ll be describing the procedure of contibuting posts to the Programming Club website here.

The website is based on Jekyll, and we use Markdown format for writing posts. Here are some steps you should go through to contribute a post:

  • Have a look at previous posts here at our Github repository.

  • Have a look at the following template for each post:

layout: post
title: "<some cool title>"
date: 2016-05-05 17:23:20 +200
author: <your-name>
website: <website-if-any>
- some tag
- another tag
- a category

  url: <link to a title image>

Your article's content goes here in markdown syntax

Follow this template to the bit.

  • Ensure that you are familiar with basic markdown syntax. It’s really easy!

  • Check that you have included credits, if any part belongs to someone else.

  • Done already? Mail or message the markdown file to any of the coordinators, or at If you’re familiar with Git, you can also send us a Pull Request on our Github repository listed in the below point.

  • Contact Us if there are any issues.

  • And of course, we’re open source. Find the source code at Github here, and feel free to open new issues, pull requests etc.