The objective of this project was to update the android app Antaragni-App 15 making it more dynamic and user-friendly for the Antaragni-16

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking was a project under the PClub with an aim to familiarise the campus junta with the field and to prepare for CTFs.

Web Forum

This project is a forum where you can Read posts, Write , Discuss , Share your views and Ask your questions.

Air War Unity

This is a single player air-fight based game built on Unity3D platform. The scripts were written in C# language using Microsoft Visual Studio

Forex Prediction

The project is designed to predict foreign exchange rates. It takes opening , maximum and minimum price as inputs

WiFi Captive Portal with Dashboard

The objective of the project was to create a system for authenticating users for free WiFi and a dashboard for the management of the same.

Handwriting Recognition By Machine Learning

This project uses Neural Network Modelling for identification of Handwriting from Optical Images.

N-Body Simulation

The N-body simulation is an interesting topic in Physics, and finds applications in astrophysics, biomoecular studies

Smart Mirror

It displays the current weather, your schedule for the day, notifications and performs facial recognition from your mobile

AR navigation

Our aim was to design a navigation app which instead of showing top view of map shows directions on real time camera feed.

Handwriting Recognition using Machine Learning

Using neural networks and optimization the model learns the similarities of the training datasets which have a common result