Talk is cheap, show us the code!

Travis CI

Description The aim is to streamline all further development of LifeIITK such that there is consistency and reproducibility across developers. Setup proper development, test and production environments for lifeiitk. Relevant Technologies Docker Travis CI Application Task Write a docker-compose.yml that spins up 3 docker containers... »

Nomination Portal

Description The portal will be used to announce empty positions in gymkhana and students can apply for the positions on portal itself. This will have the following projects : Creating new positions and announcing vacancy: It will be used by authorised users to create new... »

Music App

Description Develop a music app for the campus with the following features: See music that friends are playing currently Private mode to hide currently playing music Music rooms - to livestream music to all users currently using the app and live updation of playlists This... »

Mess Portal

Life@IITK Mess portal Mess portal will be used as a one stop to view mess menu and other details such as timing of all messes. It will be a feature integrated in Life IITK app. »

Map Integration

Description Develop a 3D map for the Life IITK app. The map will have all the locations of campus tagged and can be used to see the upcoming events at any venue. Relevant Technologies Python Django React Repository Life@IITK Mentor Aditya Gulati »