Celebrating Open Source at IITK!

Celebrating Open Source at IITK!


Statistics for Google Summer of Code 2020 are out, and we have a reason to celebrate. IIT Kanpur ranked 2nd worldwide in the list of universities with the most accepted students. The list is available here.

Our numbers have been increasing steadily over the last few years, as you can see in the table below:

Year Number of accepted students
2016 3
2017 6
2018 16
2019 19
2020 27

In fact, some of the previously selected students have also started becoming GSoC mentors for their organisations!

Following is the list of students selected in the year 2020:

Name Roll Number Organisation
Aakash Lahoti 160004 The Linux Foundation
Ahsan Barkati 160055 FreeBSD Project
Ankit Kumar 170124 Blender Foundation
Apurva Nandan 170141 The NetBSD Foundation
Dipanshu Garg 190306 Xapian Search Engine Library
Karan Takalkar 180341 The Mifos Initiative
Kartikeya Sanwal 180348 The Terasology Foundation
Lakshay Bandlish 160360 The Linux Foundation
Mohit Mohan 180429 The Linux Foundation
Mohit Tyagi 160414 CERN-HSF
Naman Jain 160427 The NetBSD Foundation
Nidhi Hegde 180472 CERN-HSF
Nilay Majorwar 180483 GDevelop
Nirmal Praveen Suthar 180484 The Julia Language
Preeti Menghwani 180550 apertus° Association
Priydarshi Singh 180561 The Linux Foundation
Shivank Garg 160658 FreeBSD Project
Shubh Gupta 160668 FreeBSD Project
Suraj Verma 160726 MZmine
Utkarsh Rajput 170767 The Julia Language
Vikrant Malik 180862 The Linux Foundation

In my first year, I was once talking to yashsriv, a former coordinator of PClub. He recalled that during his time, IITK did not even feature in the list, while our sister IITs like KGP and Roorkee had 30+ selections. We have come a long way since then. Initiatives, that were started by the former coordinators years ago, and were continued in the subsequent years, have helped create a wonderful open source culture at IITK. In fact, besides GSoC, IITK students are starting to participate in other open source programmes (like Outreachy, Linux Foundation Mentorship Programme etc.) as well.

In our tenure, we would certainly try to conduct more events that help people get started with open source development. In particular, we would try to help more first year students (if we have any) get selected. This time, we had only one Y19 UG selected for GSoC. It would be great to see many first year students in that list.

Congratulations to all those who have been successful in their open source journey! All the best to those who’ll try in the future! Keep hacking!