I got my first PR accepted!

I got my first PR accepted!


It can be intimidating to contribute to open source. Making a Pull Request (PR) is the first barrier you need to overcome. To encourage everyone, Programming Club is awarding a free T-Shirt to anyone who makes his/her first successful Pull Request to a reputable third party repository.

To qualify for the prize, the repository needs to:

  • Be older than 15th January 2017.
  • Must be owned by someone outside of IIT Kanpur.
  • Must have at least 200 stars in GitHub.

So get to work, and shoot us an email on our official Email-ID the moment you succeed in getting your first PR accepted!

The following students have managed to get a pull request accepted successfully till date (and get a T-Shirt!):

  • Name: Anant Prakash
    GitHub: APwhitehat
    Project: https://github.com/catapult-project/catapult
    Pull Request: https://codereview.chromium.org/2670003007/

  • Name: Vardhan Gupta
    GitHub: vardhan26
    Project and PR: https://github.com/whatwg/html/pull/2350

  • Name: Parv Mor
    GitHub: parvmor
    Project and PR: https://github.com/pybee/batavia/pull/421

  • Name: Bhavishya Gopesh
    GitHub: bhavishyagopesh
    Project and PR: https://github.com/python-hyper/hyper-h2/pull/464

  • Name: Hritwik Taneja
    GitHub: hritwik567
    Project and PR: https://github.com/mozilla/thimble.mozilla.org/pull/1732

Congratulations! Keep Hacking!