Summer'17 Plans and Workshops

Summer'17 Plans and Workshops


Hello everyone!

This summer, the programming club has many activities planned, including lectures on open-source, web-dev, competitive programming and more. We also plan to conduct a hackathon to give people an opportunity to work on stuff and learn new technologies like Django, Node.JS, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Finalized Events

Event Date Time Venue
Linux Install Fest 21/05, 2-7 PM L1
Basic Linux + Git 23/05, 2-5 PM L1
LaTeX 24/05, 7-9 PM L1
C/C++ for Competitive Coding 28/05, 8-10 PM L1
Basic Python Intro 29/05, 8-10 PM L1

Tentative Events

These may or may not occur based on interest of campus junta. Feel free to suggest more topics in the comments below.

Event Description
Javascript From Intermediate to Advanced (3-4 Lectures)
Open Source Bootcamp Basic introduction to open source
Competitive Programming Contests Various contests of different levels
Hackathon Hackathon for people to try out new technologies
Object Oriented Programming Introduction to OOP and common pitfalls (oops!)
Functional Programming Introduction to FP with some examples
Capture the Flag Contest CTF for first-timers
Parallel Programming Intro to threads, mutex, etc.
Deploying Applications Intro to docker and modifying apps for docker based deployment.(This might be compulsory for people doing web based projects)