Install Fest: Debian

Install Fest: Debian

Installing Debian Jessie

This is almost the same for debian stretch.


  1. Official InstallationHowto
  2. Turning off FastBoot
  3. Look at turning off Secure Boot
  4. Make some free space


  1. Get bootable drive.
  2. Make free space of at least 8 - 10 GB.
  3. Turn off FastBoot and then Secure Boot.
  4. Boot using the Installation USB.
  5. Select “Graphical Install” or “Install” one
  6. Select language, location, keymap(American English works) two
  7. Let it detect network hardware. If you’re using a LAN cable with a properly configured router(recommended), it should detect DHCP automatically. If not, you can set it up manually(like you set for your room). LAN cable is still recommended, since wireless may not work out of the box. three
  8. Enter hostname (your choice).
  9. Make a root(admin) password. You can leave this empty(which is absolutely OK, since the system then makes your user a ‘sudo-er’ (you can perform actions as root using ‘sudo’ command). four
  10. Setup your user. Enter name, username, password.
  11. Let the clock be setup and wait for the partioner to open.
  12. Choose the ‘Manual’ method for partitioning. five
  13. Select the partition with free space that you’ve just created in step 2. Select ‘Automatically Partition the free space’ and proceed. Select ‘All Files in new partition’. six
  14. Finish partitioning and write the changes to disk. seven
  15. Configure the package manager to not scan any extra CD/DVD.
  16. You can select a network mirror if you want, but if you’re using a DVD, it is not needed. If you do use one, select ‘India’ as your country and iitk as your mirror.
  17. Choose whether you want to take part in a user survey.
  18. Select the software you want to install (GNOME or another DE is recommended). nine
  19. Choose whether to use nonfree and contrib software (you can, it usually helps). ten
  20. Install grub. It should detect MS Windows. If not, you can always set it up later (This won’t erase Windows!) eleven
  21. Choose your hard drive (usually /dev/sda) when choosing where to install grub. twelve
  22. Installation is complete, reboot.