Plugin: NERDCommenter

NERDCommenter is an awesome plugin for commenting code. It works primarily in the normal mode and is aimed at more efficient coding and debugging.

What it does is allow you to comment out a line in any file using the same keybindings. Let’s say you want to have the shortcut to comment out a line as // because that is easy to type. Now for a block of code, you go to a particular line and press //, the line gets commented. You press // again, the line gets uncommented into the before state. This adds a very powerful tool to your workflow allowing you comment out as well as comment in lines very fast. You could also type something like 5// to comment out 5 lines.

This is what would happen:

Filetype Before After
C int a = 5; //int a = 5;
Python a = 5; #a = 5;
.vimrc set rnu "set rnu


For vim-plug, add the following line to your .vimrc:

Plug 'scrooloose/nerdcommenter'


Read the as well as :help commenter for a complete description of features. If you are wondering what is <leader>, it is a special power-key in vim with default value \. You can change it to whatever you like. Now to get the setting we discussed before, i.e., fast commenting out and in using //.

In the README, you will find that <leader>c<space> has the behaviour we want of toggling comments. So in order to have that same command for //, you will need to map // to it:

nmap // <leader>c<space>
vmap // <leader>cs
" I map // to <leader>cs for sexy commenting instead of the normal
" It is my own setting and you may wish to change it to <leader>c<space> or <leader>ci

And now open up your favourite file and try this out. It is very efficient and something very valuable to my current workflow. I have found myself pressing // on someone else’s machine to comment code ( which usually works in C :P ) many times.

Further Reading

In order to understand, why we used nmap you might want to Learn Vimscript. Its not compulsory, but it allows you to modify vim to your settings more easily.