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Summer'17 Plans and Workshops

Hello everyone! This summer, the programming club has many activities planned, including lectures on open-source, web-dev, competitive programming and more. We also plan to conduct a hackathon to give people an opportunity to work on stuff and learn new technologies like Django, Node.JS, Ruby on... »


Antaragni App 16 Synopsis The objective of this project was to update the android app Antaragni-App 15 making it more dynamic and user-friendly for the Antaragni-16, the Annual cultural festival of IITK. Major changes include integration with the online database of Antaragni. The App is... »

I got my first PR accepted!

It can be intimidating to contribute to open source. Making a Pull Request (PR) is the first barrier you need to overcome. To encourage everyone, Programming Club is awarding a free T-Shirt to anyone who makes his/her first successful Pull Request to a reputable third... »

Ethical Hacking

‘Ethical Hacking’ was a ‘project’ under the PClub with an aim to familiarise the campus junta with the field and to prepare for CTFs. After an initial reading on HTML, Javascript and PHP, we moved on to beginner challeges - Bandits and Natas. These were... »

Web Forum

Web forum This project is a forum where you can Read posts, Write , Discuss , Share your views and Ask your questions. It organizes all content in various tags to make it easier for you to connect with people of same interests. Here ideas... »