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Introductory Workshop 2017

Introduction Hi all, welcome to the Programming Club Introductory Workshop 2017! Slack First of all, please join our slack at and join the channel #y17 to receive future emails regarding events and other stuff from slack announcements directly. Terminal Try opening Terminal (sometimes known... »

Summer'17 Plans and Workshops

Hello everyone! This summer, the programming club has many activities planned, including lectures on open-source, web-dev, competitive programming and more. We also plan to conduct a hackathon to give people an opportunity to work on stuff and learn new technologies like Django, Node.JS, Ruby on... »


Antaragni App 16 Synopsis The objective of this project was to update the android app Antaragni-App 15 making it more dynamic and user-friendly for the Antaragni-16, the Annual cultural festival of IITK. Major changes include integration with the online database of Antaragni. The App is... »

I got my first PR accepted!

It can be intimidating to contribute to open source. Making a Pull Request (PR) is the first barrier you need to overcome. To encourage everyone, Programming Club is awarding a free T-Shirt to anyone who makes his/her first successful Pull Request to a reputable third... »