Lizzy's Queries


Lizzy’s boss has made her in charge of the Palindrome Accentuator(abbreviated as PA) . Initially you have the string s . The PA does the following 2 operations on the string:

0 i x Change the character at the ith position to x.

1 l r Check whether the substring from l to r is a palindrome or not.

Lizzy has to note down the readings for the boss for queries of type 2 . She is quite perplexed . Can you help her .

More formally, you are given a string s and you have to perform the queries described above . For queries of type 2 , if the substring from l to r is palindrome output “Yes” and if it isn’t output “No”(without quotes).

The first line contains N and Q-the length of the string and the number of queries to be answered.The next line contains the string s of N characters.The next Q lines are either of the form 0 i x or 1 l r - denoting the queries described above.

For each query of type 2 , output “Yes” or “No” accordingly , the answer for each query on a new line.

1<=i , l , r <=N
All the characters in the input are lowercase letters from ‘a’ to ‘z’.