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Web Forum

Web forum This project is a forum where you can Read posts, Write , Discuss , Share your views and Ask your questions. It organizes all content in various tags to make it easier for you to connect with people of same interests. Here ideas... »

Linux Install Fest

Introduction Hi all, welcome to the Programming Club Linux Install Fest 2017! Here are the separate posts for each supported Linux Distribution: Install Fest: Linux Mint Install Fest: Debian Install Fest: Ubuntu Install Fest: Arch Linux Installing Ubuntu In Latest Asus Rog PCs »

Air War Unity

Air war This is a single player air-fight based game built on Unity3D platform. The scripts were written in C# language using Microsoft Visual Studio This game comprises of two modes- Arcade Mode: The war is fought on three battle ground. One has to lead... »

WebD: Introduction

Web Development Lecture Series: Introduction Basics of what the browser does Here we briefly describe the back-breaking work the browser does, every time you open your favorite websites. The internet does not understand Yet, everything on the internet has an address. How does this... »

Forex Prediction

PREDICTING FOREIGN EXCHANGE RATES About the project The project is designed to predict foreign exchange rates. It takes opening , maximum and minimum price as inputs and learns and create the model from the trainig data and then you can use that model to predict... »