Antaragni App 16


The objective of this project was to update the android app Antaragni-App 15 making it more dynamic and user-friendly for the Antaragni-16, the Annual cultural festival of IITK. Major changes include integration with the online database of Antaragni. The App is available at Android Play Store


Updates Included

  • Integrating Real-Time database
  • Extending its support to API 24(permission access)
  • Integrating Facebook Sign-in
  • Updating Theme(Hues of Bliss)
  • Various Bug fixes in Antaragni-App 15
  • Inclusion of Google Map services

Github Repositories

  1. Project-Ant :
  2. Antaragni-App :

Project Timeline

At first changes were made to the Project-Ant repository during summers-16. Afterwards during mid-october work shifted to a new repository Antaragni-App using basic framework of Project-Ant in collaboration with the Updates.