Summer WPC



This summer, Programming Club IIT Kanpur kicked off the 2016-17 season, with a Summer WPC held on the Hackerearth platform. The problem setter was Arjun Sinha, a student of the Y15 batch. There was an amazing amount of participation, both from within and outside the IITK campus. The contest was very well received by all those who participatd. Here are some of the contest stats:

  • Duration: 28th June, 2016 - 29th June, 2016.
  • Number of registered participants: 1301
  • Number of participants with atleast one submission:507
  • Problem with most number of submissions: Weird Chemists :464 correct submissions
  • Problem with the least number of submissions: Tree Tank :10 correct submissions

Now for the contest ranks-

  1. Mohib Manva, of DAIICT Gandhinagar
  2. Satyaki Upadhyay, of BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus
  3. Swastik Sharma, of IIT Kanpur

The three winners solved all the 12 problems in the contest. Congratulations to winners!

In conclusion, we at PClub were more than happy with the participation and peformance of the contestants. The problem gradient was good, with the easy problems being solved by a large fraction of contestants, along with submissions decreasing gradually on the medium and hard problems.

Here are the problems links for you to read:

If you want to submit solutions to the problems, here is the link of the contest that was held in the summer. We look forward further WPCs being held this year.

Happy Coding!