Programming Club (or PClub) is a community of students highly enthusiastic about coding, ethical hacking, Web Designing and all other aspects of programming. We are a team currently of 4 coordinators (pre-final year) and 25 secretaries (sophomores).

Our Facebook group pclubiitk has grown to a massive size of 18K members, who use it as a QnA forum, or to get information about activities and competitions happening in the world of Programming.

We organize activities related to Development (Web Development, Open Source, Game/App Development), programming contests, hackathons, Capture The Flag contests, et all. Lecture series are regularly taken on algorithms, web hijacking, development, among other things.

Apart from this, we also develop various applications to be used by the campus junta; like Puppy Love (during valentines week), organize activities like Linux Install fest, and promote Open Source.

During summers, we offer a large number of projects to the first year students through our Summer Camp. The 2016 Summer Camp saw close to 350 applicants.

Feel free to contact any of our members any time in case of any queries! We hang out on IRC at #pclub

Happy Coding!

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