2017 - 18 Coordinators

Arjun Sinha

Interning at Tower Research in Summer 2018. ACM ICPC World Finalist.

Milind Luthra

Interning at Flipkart, Bangalore in Summer 2018.

Varun Khare

Research Intern at National University of Singapore in Summer 2018.

Yash Srivastav

Research Intern at New York University in Summer 2018. Successfully completed GSoC in 2017 under the Linux Foundation.

2016 - 17 Coordinators

Kunal Kapila

PPO at Tower Research. Interned at Tower Research in Summer 2017. Chairperson Students' Senate 2017-18.

Pallav Agarwal

Joining Google, India. Interned at Google, NYC in Summer 2017. Successfully completed GSoC in 2016 under the Gentoo Foundation.

Saksham Sharma

Joining Tower Research, NYC. Interned at Google, Seattle in Summer 2017. Has been a research fellow at Max Planck Institute for Software System.

Vinayak Tantia

Joining Facebook AI Research, Canada. Interned at MILA, Canada in Spring 2018 and at Google, India in Summer 2017.